Pattern aluminum plate,Alloy aluminum plate

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Xuzhou wealth China aluminium co., LTD is a pioneer in the largerPattern aluminum plateAlloy aluminum plateProduction-oriented enterprises,Total assets8000Ten thousand yuan,Employees206More than one,The intermediate above engineering and technical personnel60People,Annual production of aluminum plate6Million tons,Aluminium material1Ten thousand tons。In the industry to achieve widespread high praise!

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People-oriented,The good faith management,Law-abiding observant,Fair competition.Resolutely put an end to harm the interests of customers to provide quality service and price。

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The phone: 0516-82308035、0516-82167797
Fax: 0516--82167796
A mobile phone: 13952161612 BiXiangSheng
Address: Yin square in jiangsu xuzhou yunlong district5Building...

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