Wuwei golden seed industry co., LTD., established in northwest2001Years9Month,Is the collection of scientific research、Production、Sales in the integration of private technology enterprises,The registered capital8000Ten thousand yuan,Investment in fixed assets3000Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff40People,Senior agronomist2People,Agronomist5People;High standard seed processing center in Wu Na industrial park was built47000Square meters,Concrete. Green coffees which ar35000Square meters,Standard warehouse3200Square meters,The assembly2A collection of grain drying、Threshing、The grain drying、The wind screen、The proportion of choice、Coating、Partial shipments in the integration of large complete sets of seed processing production line,Daily processing of corn seed capacity200Tons;Purchase office and test room in wuwei city551m,Equipped with a complete seed inspection instruments and office... 【In more detail】